The Printer
Stuart Bradley
Stuart Bradley learned letterpress printing in 1971 at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. While still a student he co-taught a seminar with English professor and poet Conrad Hilberry in which six students wrote poetry, learned letterpress printing, and produced a limited edition chapbook on a Chandler & Price. He is a lawyer, is married, has two children, and lives in Alexandria, Virginia.
Stuart teaches the Letterpress Workshops that are offered in Alexandria.

This is our new pressmark which was designed and drawn by Nathan Bradleywhen he was age 17.  It was then cleaned up in Photoshop Elements and a photopolymer plate was made.  This is a print from the photopolymer plate.  For a description of Do It Yourself Photopolymer and the building of a UV exposure box for materials that cost less than $100 please go to the June, 2007 issue of Galley Gab at

Railway Station Press was begun in 2003 to encourage the art and craft of letterpress printing.  We are particularly interested in helping beginners get started in this wonderful art form.
Please contact us at or at 105 East Glendale Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22301 or at 703-683-2335.
The train station is located at 117 East Main Street in Boyce, Virginia.