Terra Alta, West Virginia
Type Casting Weekend in Terra Alta, West Virginia April 14-17, 2005
Mike Anderson, Jim Walczak, Stan Nelson, Chris Manson, and Stuart Bradley converged on Rich Hopkin's Hill & Dale Private Press and Typefoundry the weekend of April 14 - 17, 2005. The goal was to make as much 14 pt. Tudor Black as possible.
Our host, Rich Hopkins
The type was made on the Supercaster, made in England
The Hill & Dale Private Press shop
Mike Anderson & Jim Walczak
Stan Nelson cast type from his hand mold
The casters lined up in the foundry
Some of the type and ornaments from Rich Hopkins collection
Some old foundry mats for ornaments from Rich's collection
Chris Manson organized the weekend
Jim Walczak in the process of tightening the mat in the caster holder
The finished product of 14 pt. Tudor Black