Albion Press Installation at Mike Anderson's on July 7, 2007
A new tabletop Albion foolscap folio handpress was delivered to Mike Anderson by the makers Steve Pratt and his son Ben from Utah. It has a platen that is 10 x 15 inches.
On lunch break from left to right, Rich Hopkins, Stan Nelson, Steve Pratt, Ben Pratt, Roland Hoover, Chris Manson, and Mike Anderson.
From left to right, Roland Hoover, Mike Anderson, Stuart Bradley and Chris Manson.
Chris Manson and Mike Anderson locking up the chase.
Mike Anderson pulling the first proof.
Jim Walczak takes a turn at the Albion Press.
The Albion with the tympan and frisket attached.
Steve Pratt answering the many questions about how the Albion press was made.
Mike Denker cranking the bed under the platen.
Closeup of platen being pressed down onto the tympan and frisket.
Rich Hopkins printing while Ben Pratt is making adjustments to the tympan.
A closeup of the Albion Press.
Manufactured by Steve and Ben Pratt in Utah.
The text in the bed of the Albion Press.
Part of the text after printing on Mike Anderson's hand made paper.
Another closeup of the Albion Press which weighs 380 pounds and is number 14 that the Pratts have manufactured.