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John Haines


Letterpress Workshops for Beginners / 10th Anniversary!

Since our first workshop in December of 2004 we have had 154 workshops with a total of 278 students.  Students have come from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Montana, Kansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and England.  Letterpress printing is alive and well.

Now Available: The Midway Midget 1893 historical cards with all 35 midget ornaments included.  $40 US postpaid, $45 rest of the world postpaid. For Paypal payments use  See the Midway Midgets page for more information.

Cover of the box that the playing cards come in.

STILL AVAILABLE, a letterpress printed deck of 54 playing cards based on the Midway Midgets, a set of ornaments cast by BB&S in 1893 in honor of the Chicago World's Fair. These characters were actual participants on the Midway of the Fair.  "Midget" referred to the size of the type ornament and not the person portrayed.  The playing cards are standard size 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

The deck also includes letterpress printed historical material and photographs and was printed by hand on a C&P Pilot press in a numbered first edition limited to 100 decks.

You can purchase a deck for $40 direct from Railway Station Press by paying by Paypal at   

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To the left, an enlargement of a fist ornament from 1835 provided by Rich Hopkins.